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Sundarban Trip is depicted as one of the largest angiosperm us tree forests trips in the world. The name Sundarbans is derived from an outsized flowering tree – also known as the Sundari or Heritage Fomes. Sundarbans forest is the sole mangrove land of India which is located in the extreme south of Bengal within the vicinity of the Bay of Bengal.


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Start from Rs. 1200 / per person
  • 1D
  • People: 10
  • Sundarban

Sundarban Day Tour

(25 reviews)

We greet & meet to Sonakhali/Godhkhali, Visit- Gosaba(Hamilton Bunglo), Bird Project,Sajnekhali side,Sudhanyakhali, Sadakkhali sideback to Godhkhali/Sonakhali.

Start from Rs. 2500 / per person
  • 2D/1N
  • People: 20
  • Sundarban

Sundarban 1 Nights / 2 Days Tour

(17 reviews)

Sonakhali / Godkhali , Gosaba (Hamilton Bunglo), Sajnekhali (W.T. & Museum), Pakhirala (N.S.), Sudhyannyakhali, Bonbibi Bharani, Deul Bhrani, Peer Khali, Do-Banki (W.T.) & Back to Sonakhali / Godkhali.

Start from Rs. 3400 / per person
  • 3D/2N
  • People: 20
  • Sundarban

Sundarban 2 Nights / 3 Days Tour

(22 reviews)

Sonakhali / Godkhali, Gosaba (Hamilton Bunglo), Sajnekhali (W.T. & Museum), Sudhyannyakhali (W.T.), Jhingakhali, Banga, Roymongal, Marichjhapi, Bubir Dabri (W.T.), Island Tour & Back to Sonakhali / Godkhali.



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There is a lot of places to visit in Sundarban along with some special and attractive activities are listed below.

Night Stay at Jungle side Resort


Bonfire (Forest resort/Hotel)

Visit Watch tower & Forest

Village life Environment

Jhumur Dance / Banabibi Yatra

Special Attraction in Sundarban Trip

The Sundarban nature trip offers a variety of tiger tours with different package options. It also provides a variety of custom tour packages for anyone interested in visiting the famous tiger reserve. The Sundarban tour package is reasonably priced and includes transportation, lodging, boat fare, guide fees, and watch tower admission. So, let's go through some of the attractions that the Sundarban trip from Kolkata has to offer and why this is a perfect weekend gateway for the whole family:


The Sajhnekhali Watch Tower

It is the first step to entering the tiger reserve in the Sundarban Tour, and it is also the most popular amongst all the watch towers present in the Sundarban package tour. One may get an apt look at the wildlife from this watch tower. Moreover, crocodile and tortoise ponds, a Bana Bibi Temple, Mangrove Interpretation Center, and a Nature Observatory Center are among the attractions that can be seen from this watch tower.



Dayapur is the closest facet to Sajhnekhali and Pakhiralay. There is also an architectural project, which is also notable for its Sunset function.


Sudhanyakhali Watch Tower

You will find the Sudhanyakhali Watch Tower and Mangrove Park on the Sudhanyakhali river bank. Visitors may get a close look at most of the Tigers. There is also a sweet water pond where the animals come to quench their thirst with other species such as axis deer and a Mangrove Park.


The Pakhiralay

Pakhiralay village, three kilometers from the Gosaba ferry stairs, is the ideal Sundarban settlement. The village's everyday activities are managed under a cooperative system.



Sir Daniel Hamilton established Gosaba as one of the best villages in the past. In Gosaba, Sir Hamilton established a cooperative for local upliftment. Becan Saheb's bungalows can be found there too on this Sundarban trip.



Sundarkati Eco-Tourism Center is 30 kilometers away from Bhagabatpur. You can reach there through the mangle forest of Rhizophora and the sweet-water lake where the life of the Sundarban may be found. There is a depository, and one can grasp Sundarban by looking at it.


Kalash Camp Watch Tower

The Tiger Kingdom is located near the Bay of Bengal on the last island of the Sundarban forest. There is a pond with lovely water. The sunrise and sunset views are also stunning. The Olive Ridley Turtles also lay their eggs in Kalas.


Netidhopani Watch Tower

This is a group of watchtowers related to the Behula and Lakhindar mythology. The mysterious aura of a 400-year-old temple. A sweet water pond is also present. This watchtower can hold up to 20 people.


Burirdabri Watch Tower

The Burirdabri guard tower is notable for its walk through the mud and mangrove cage route that leads to the Roymongal overlook. There is also a view of Bangladesh from Roymongal's perspective. This watchtower can hold up to 15 people at once. Sundarban tourism offers several enchanting places that will satisfy the need of city dwellers for a weekend away from all the noise of city life. From well-known watch towers to the tiger reserve and the mangrove forests, Sundarban has a lot of things to offer. We hope that this complied list of attractive places at Sundarban will create the urge in you to visit these places at the earliest.

Sundarban tourism offers several enchanting places that will satisfy the need of city dwellers for a weekend away from all the noise of city life. From well-known watch towers to the tiger reserve and the mangrove forests, Sundarban has a lot of things to offer. We hope that this complied list of attractive places at Sundarban will create the urge in you to visit these places at the earliest.

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The Sundarban Nature Tour is one of the most well-known tour firms in Kolkata and its environs. Since its establishment in 2011, it has grown at a rapid pace to become one of Kolkata's best and most renowned travel firms. We are one of the most trusted firms providing these tours to the Sundarban forest. The Sundarban nature trip also offers a variety of activities like seeing the infamous tigers, the magnificent mangrove forests, and more with various Sundarban tour packages.

We also have our boat used to take the visitors on a trip through the water. It will help our customers experience the picturesque beauty of the place on the Sundarban trip during the daytime, which will further increase the essence of the journey. Our tour packages are reasonably priced and include the cost of transportation and lodging, as well as boat fare, guide fees, and watch tower admission.

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Our travel agency prioritizes our clients' safety and security throughout the journey. Our tour agents will assist them if someone runs into predicaments during the Sundarban trip from Kolkata.

Places we cover in our Sundarban trip
  • Sajhnekhali watch tower
  • Sudhanyakhali watch tower
  • Do-Banki watch tower
  • Netidhopani watch tower
  • Dayapur
  • Pakhiralay / Phakhir Jungle
  • Sundarkati (Bonny Camp)
  • Burirdabri watch tower
  • Gosaba
  • Kalash Camp watch tower

Do you have a strong desire to witness the sight of a tiger? You've come to the right place. We've got you covered at Sundarban Nature Tour. The boat ride is also undoubtedly something that will delight you along with the tiger reserve and the overall beauty of the place. Sundarban tourism is something you may not want to miss as the place is one of the most sought-after weekend destinations from Kolkata.



Sundarban island is a world heritage site since 1987. It was established in the year 1980 by UNESCO. Known for its Royal Bengal Tiger and Mangrove Forest.

" Sunderban could be a terribly quite and peaceful wild life forest reserve. The destination is extremely abundant completely different from alternative tourer places. It's sort of a floating island on watercourse. "

S Kar

" Sunderban life Sanctuary could be a stunning tiger and forest reserve, the house to geographic area Tigers. Besides tigers, varied species of birds.Reptiles and salt water crocodiles is seen. "

Partha Saha

" Sundarban nature tour offers a conducted tour at an unbelievable price. Make sure you avail their services and forget the mundane things like accommodation,transport etc. Just relax and enjoy..... "

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" A wonderful experience-- three days and two nights on a river cruise in five star living, wholesome delicious breakfast lunch evening snacks and dinner. Divine river scene with forests - truly awesome!! "

Sumit Da
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