3 Sundarban Packages Tour From Kolkata You Can Choose For Short Term Holiday

sundarban packages tour

Sundarbans has always been a prominent site of the visit.

Owing to its beauty is has been recommended as a UNESCO world heritage site which is enough to explain the beauty of the region.

There is more to the diversity of the place apart from the marshy land and the dense forests.

The mangrove Sundari trees provide popularity to the region since it’s the uniqueness of the place which cannot be found anywhere else in the globe.

mangrove sundari trees

Due to the marshy area, the temperature of the region changes over the duration and people around prefer variable times to pay the visit to the place.

There are places in the local village where the tourists can comfortably stay and enjoy the local culture of the village but due to its distance from the town of Kolkata which is only 110km away, people even prefer paying a visit from the area of their stay.

But the best part is the whole region cannot be visited in a single day so there are various tour packers which provide various tours covering the particular popular area of the visit but for a trip, tourists prefer the locals of the suburb and it is where Sundarbans nature tour and travels come to view. We provide all in one option for Sundarban Package tours.

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Why people choose us

We are into this field to serve since a traveler is more contented than a wanderer.

We provide the tours for tourists as well as wanderers where our booking clients get to choose which kind of experience do they want to opt for.

Amidst the detour package, we provide a tour where you can have a memory.

When you plan a trip you choose your own company but when you start the visit you get back with you more baskets of love and friendship which you cherish all your life and this memory gives in return the reason to return back to the place.

In our Sundarban package tour, we provide

  1. Night stay at Jungle side resort
  2. Bonfire at the place of your choice
  3. The environment of village life
  4. Wildlife attraction
  5. The visit to the watchtower with the expert guides around you
  6. Involvement in the Jhumur Dance and Banabibi Yatra

The variable tours from the place of your choice

We have a variety of Sundarban Package Tour from which you can make a choice and settle down to decide your trip.

Our consultations are absolutely free and will brief you about the area you are to visit so that you can finalize the trip plan easily.

Our tour packages comprise of

  1. All day trip
  2. Pull down of the night experience of the jungle
  3. Combination of the day and night package
  4. A plunge into the jungle like the localized do

So do not give much of a thought to decide your holidays and contact us as we are here to fulfill your memories.



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