Take a trip to Sundarban! Sundarban nature tour plans as per you desire!

mangrov forest

I am more into reading kind of a person and often look out for places I have never been to.

I remember having read about the mangrove forests and the beautiful largest delta of the world.

Mangrov Forest Tree

I had thought of taking the Sundarban Tour later on as the days passed by that thought slowly faded from my mind.

I happened to go through the various posts on Facebook and I accidentally saw a dense forest background with a big beehive it was not common so I asked my friend about the details of the picture she told me of her visit to Sundarban and all of a sudden that urge started encircling me and I asked for a suitable planner for my trip. She provided me with a link http://www.sundarbannaturetour.com/ it was registered under a company name Sundarban Nature Tour and Travels.


The flying birds’ shadow image was natural and beautiful it felt like it was designed to welcome its potential clients.

I went through the necessary details on the website I knew nothing about the place so enquired few things about the places worth visiting.

They had brief details about the places to visit but I have a belief of visiting the place a local way.

Since the rare experience, fascinating stories are very interesting and the localized are aware of the absolute environment.

I went through the Sundarban Package tour which had for me various options for choice.

I could not decide which tour to select and so I followed the regular habit of asking my tour planner to plan my worthy holiday.

He asked me what did I want to see and how many days do I have for my detour.

I told them about the big beehive and the shadow of the shimmering lights across the dense forests which I loved since at Ranchi you do not get to see such beauty.

I do not know why he laughed he seemed excited maybe it could be that I sounded Kiddush and had no plans for myself just a view I wanted to witness myself and a time frame of 7 days in which I wanted to go to a different world.

holiday plan

He booked me for a programme no. 6 and gave me a date to prepare for the journey I had always planned.

I intimated my friends through my Facebook status and went offline for a defined period.

I remember the name of my starting point it was Sonakhali and the rest all I remember is what I saw.

I was introduced to my tour guide for my Sundarban Tour. I made a formal understanding with him and he introduced me to a few of the villagers there I told them about why I came here they laughed looking at each other.

They took me to their hut, it was differently cool they pulled their net and a blanket we pulled through the marshy wetlands in a boat the view was similar to the movie black water I was super excited they covered me with the blanket and showed me how honey is extracted it was a fascinating site and not a sting was there on my body.

I enjoyed every bit of the Sundarban Package tour offered to me and I danced to the beats round the bone fire.

It was a worthy trip and as much I remember it I feel as if it is a fresh incidence.

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