Sundarban Travel Guide- Know why should you visit Sundarban

Are you tired of your corporate life? Do you want to get away someplace scenic and beautiful but you’re tight on your budget? Then, Sundarban would be the perfect choice for you. We are going to help you a bit and be your Sundarban travel guide. We’ll help you know why Sundarban is the perfect retreat for you:

1. Places to visit in Sundarban- Sundarban is a goldmine of wonderful and scenic places. But, it’s most popular for its wildlife diversity. Sundarban has a range of flora and fauna to offer to you:

  • Sajhnekhali- It’s the most popular watchtower in Sundarbans it offers the closest view to the live jungles. It also offers a Crocodile Pond, Tortoise pond, Banabibi Temple and a Nature Observatory.
  • Sudhyanyakhali- This watchtower is situated on the banks of Sudhanyakhali. You can get the closest view of most of the tigers from this tower.
  • Dayapur- is near to Sajnekhali and Pakhiralay side. It is also a Bird Sanctuary project wherein the right seasons you can get to see migratory birds. It is also very famous for being a great sunset point.
  • Gosaba- it is a village that was settled by Sir Daniel Hamilton. It is popular for the mansion of Becan Saheb. You can enjoy a boat adventure through the misty and groovy jungles with the wildlife surrounding you.
  • Sundarkati- popular for its highest watchtower, one can reach the Sundarkati Eco-Tourism Centre through the mangrove forest. You can also get a close view of the sweet-water pond. There is also a museum where you can get to know more about Sunderban.
  • Kalash Camp- situated near the Bay of Bengal. There is a sweet-water pond. It’s the best for sunrise and sunset viewing. It is also the nesting place for the rare Olive Ridley Turtles.
  1. Wildlife- Sundarban is famous around the world for its wildlife variety. It’s the home for more than 400 Royal Bengal Tigers. Except that, there are many more varieties of animals that Sundarban has to offer:
  2. Fishing Cats- it’s a medium-sized wild cat of South and Southeast Asia, but they’ve been listed vulnerable and hence they’re extremely rare to find. Sundarban is one of the only few places where you can see these wonderful animals in their natural habitat.

Fishing Cats3. Flying Fox- it’s a genus of the bat family and is the largest of the family. It is also known as Fruit Bat, and in Sundarban you can get up close and see these majestic creatures for yourself.

4. Pangolins- these are extremely rare and exclusive species of anteaters as their appearance is very different from the other anteaters. It has hard and scaly skin and looks a lot like Armadillos. But, they’re an endangered species and Sundarban is one of the very few places around the world, where you can observe them.


  1. Snakes- Sundarban has a wide and rare variety of snakes, they include Pythons, King Cobras, Russell’s viper, Dog Faced Water Snake, checkered keelback. Viper enthusiasts and nature lovers from around the world come to Sundarban to watch these snakes in action.


  1. Dolphins- you can find river dolphins and Chinese white dolphins at abundance near Sundarban. If your luck is good then you can also see the rare Bottlenose dolphins, Spinner Dolphins, and False killer whales.


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